Our Projects

3D Design & Rendering of all kinds of fields : Architecture, Automotive, Construction, Dental Health Care, FMCG Design, Health Care Architecture, Interior Architecture, Product Design, Packaging Design, Product Photography etc. 

All Renders are rescaled to lower resolutions to prevent the chances of plagiarism, to view renders at their original resolution and clarity, please email us with your  query and we will revert to you the relevant Dropbox.

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    Architecture Visualisation 1 : Apartment Interior / Entrancemakleri Sweden

    Apartments designed for resale.

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    Architecture Visualisation 2 : C3 Les Ailes Residential & Offices Tower / Aeby Perneger + Offices Tower

    Residential and Offices Tower. Switzerland.

    Total Area : 12000 sq. meters

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    Architecture Visualisation 3 : Moat's Corner House / Vibe Design Group

    Award winning project executed by Vibe Design Group in Australia in 2019.

    Total Area : 796 sq. meters

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    Architecture Visualisation 4 : The Urban Dentist / Studio Karhard

    Health Care : Healthcare Architecture Design & Rendering. Berlin

    Total Area : 360 sq. meters.

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    Architecture Visualisation 5 : Waterfront Art Gallery / Lacime Architects

    Art Gallery by Lacime Architects in China.

    Total Area : 1192 sq. meters.

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    Architecture Visualisation 6 : Luxury Bathroom Birmingham England

    Luxury Bathing Interior Project via online rendering portals.

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    Architecture Visualisation 7 : Luxury Bathing Spain

    Bath Ware & Sanitary Ware Luxury Residential Bathroom.

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    Architecture Visualisation 8 : Apartment in Novopeschanaya (Moscow Russia)/ Aiya Design

    Apartment Interior 3D Design & Renders.

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    Automotive Design Aston Martin Vanquish.

    Aston Martin Design, environmental insertion and lighting to showcase the car.

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    Automotive Design Volvo V-60.

    Volvo V60 Design & Rendering in Various Environmental Conditions & Subsequent Lighting Changes

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    Commercial Bath Ware Showroom

    GROHE Experience Centre Design Work.

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    Dental-Healthcare Architecture 2018

    Dental clinic surgery renders for clinic located on the outskirts of Melbourne Australia.

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    Electronics & Gadgets.

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    Exhibition Design & Rendering Assistance

    3D design & rendering of exhibition stalls for various events and industries.

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    FMCG Samples

    Various Renders to showcase our product launch capabilities.

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    FMCG Water Bottle Design & Rendering.

    Water Bottle Design & Label Work.

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    Furniture Design & Rendering

    Luxury to Basic Furniture Design Services Work.

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    Older Projects 1 : Australian Project Via Up-work

    Project done in January 2018 through Up-work client house restructuring.

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    Older Projects 2 : Kitchen & Dining India

    3D Design & Rendering of Kitchen Space.

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    Older Projects 3 : Interior Rendering Norway House

    Interior Renovation Design Work via Upwork.

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    Older Projects 4 : Fitness Industry : MMA Gym Design Panchkula

    Fitness Industry GYM design.

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    Older Projects 5 : Interior Rendering Karnal

    Venus Interio Interior Design Project.

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    Older Projects 6 : Exterior Rendering Chandigarh House

    Project work small bungalow in Chandigarh India, completed in 2016.

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    Older Projects 7 : Mixed Exterior Project Renderings 2016-2017

    Small projects done online

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    Older Samples : 2016-2017

    Various Interior Design Sample Renders.

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    Work In Progress: Greece Renovation

    Villa outer area renovation work in Greece.


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