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About Us

Ultra Realism Is Our Forte

Double Optics Studio is a 3D services studio offering 3D design and rendering services in the fields of Architecture, Automotive design & Product design.


Our philosophy is simple: We breathe life into CGI scenes and renderings, bridging the gap between concept & reality.


We produce still CGI renderings, 360 exterior & interior renderings for websites and VR headsets, animated films for property developers/real estate development companies, architects, architect agencies- partnerships, advertising agencies, automotive companies, branding agencies, interior designers, marketing agencies, manufacturing companies,  product designers, private home-owners, photographers and more.


If you can think it, using our skills in 3D we can visualise your design to life-like clarity of expression and function. 

Our Story

Brought to life by the passion of Mr. Anshuman Deswal & Mr. Tushar Sangwan to address the lack of Ultra Realistic Renderings in the International Architecture Visualisation Market. 

Double Optics Studio has slowly branched out from only being architecture storytellers to a studio that assists companies with their product design, manufacturing design & advertising assistance in various industrial segments like Automotive, FMCG, Electronics & Luxury Goods to name but a few.

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